Welcome to Mather Women's Golf Club


  • We are an 18-hole women's golf group that meets Thursday mornings. 


  • We abide by the Rules of Golf and etiquette. 


  • Our Club is composed of a wide range of handicaps and flights. 


  • We have two (2) Major Tournaments every year - Spring Handicap Tournament and our Club Championship in the Fall.


  • Weekly tournaments range from Stroke Play to many other special tournaments. 


  • We also have two Guest Tournaments and an Invitational during the year. 


  • Our Invitational Tournament in July is the "Lady Liberty" which helps raise funds for the Veterans Swing Club. 


  • We welcome all ladies who are interested in sharing this most challenging game

known as GOLF.


  • Our General Manager is Lance Fong and our Teaching Pro is Billy Stegall.